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Jinwoo being a cute and greasy lil’shit.



A number of celebrities have sent their condolences, expressing their sadness on their respective social networking accounts following the fatal car crash that took the life of Ladies’ Code’s EunB’s life, and now just recently RiSe. 

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Ryeowook & Hyosung’s PpoPpoPpo duet [x]

the kitten imitating the baby lion’s crying

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Winner reacting to being nominated for triple crown, and being very excited. Especially Taehyun.

mino likes to spend his free time drawing jinwoo

Self-reflection according to Lee Seunghoon.


WINNERTV DVD fave moments: congrats on your joke, kang seungyoon

Kang Seungyoon’s message to Kim Jinwoo, for their debut album:

"When I saw you crouching in the training studio hiding away in a hood, it broke my heart as it seemed like you didn’t want to reveal yourself to the world.  It just didn’t make sense that someone so good-looking and cool would want to hide away. You really deserve to be loved. Cheer up, my friend!"